Nov 18, 2012; Uncasville, CT, USA; The Rhode Island Rams cheerleaders perform during the second half of a game against the Seton Hall Pirates at Mohegan Sun Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

Can the Rhode Island Rams Build a Winning Streak?

Yes, we’re bordering on completely over-blowing one… ONE… win, but we’re excited – so sue us. We’ve now tasted victory in the 2012-13 season, and it tastes great. And we want more. The question is, can it happen? Are the Rams showing enough improvement to rattle off a few wins in the coming weeks and claw closer to a .500 record, or is the schedule just too daunting?

We all know the schedule is enormously difficult, especially for a rebuilding team with a new coach. But the toughest stretch of it is over, and the numbers indicate that. The combined winning percentage of the teams Rhody has already played is .686 (24-11). The non-conference teams they have yet to play, however, have a winning percentage nearly 40 points lower at .650 (26-14). There’s only one team left with a scary record (SMU at 6-1), and if you remove them the remaining winning percentage drops to .606. Again, not a massive difference, but it’s worth noting given the sample size.

That said, the remaining match-ups definitely aren’t all cupcakes. Vermont and St. Mary’s made the Big Dance last year. But there are a few games (Brown and Georgia State, most notably) where Rhody should actually be favored for once! That would be new. Look, to even sniff the .500 mark the Rams would have to go 5-2 over the rest of the OOC, and even that would only get them to 6-7. Doesn’t seem plausible at this point, but Wednesday night will be a good test to see if the Rams can keep things rolling. One thing we do know is that they’ll come out and play hard night in and night out. They’re not a typical “momentum team” per se, in that they don’t come out sluggish after losses and likely won’t come out more fired up after a win. They just give the same strong effort game in and game out, and sometimes that’s better than a team that gets too high or too low based on results of games past.

Most Ram fans will agree that in the grand scheme of things, the record this year doesn’t matter, and we agree for sure. But no one likes losing, so it would be nice if they could put something together (4-3, maybe?) before A-10 play kicks off. What say you, Rhody Nation? Now that a win is out of the way, will the Rams continue to gather the Ws, especially against the upcoming opponents? Or are we in for more of the usual struggles to score, close games, and (rrgghh) hit free throws? Let us know in the comments!

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