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Rhode Island Rams Baksetball: Why Did E.C. Matthews Delete His Twitter?

File this one under “reading too much into things”, but here goes. At some point between Christmas and New Year’s, 2013 Rhode Island commit E.C. Matthews deleted his Twitter account. No big deal, right? Maybe he got sick of Twitter, or was hacked, or he’s just a Facebook guy – any of those are plausible. But if you followed him closely, there might be something more going on.

E.C. was getting a lot of pressure from friends, fans, and followers regarding his commit to URI. He’s a Top 100 recruit after all, and Rhody doesn’t carry the gravitas of, say, an ACC or Big 10 school. And people love the flashiness of a big-market team. So it led to him getting tweets like this:

And this is just one example. It had to be getting him down (he alluded to it several times), so maybe he was sick of his commitment to the Rams being questioned. Let’s hope the Hurleys are keeping in contact with him and assuring him that he made the right call. Again, this is all speculation, but at the very least, can people lay off high school kids on Twitter? Just a thought.

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