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Did Dan Hurley Try to Provoke Fordham Coach Tom Pecora?

As we scoured the web and Twitter for news, stats, and quotes related to the Rhody/Fordham game (we’re gluttons for punishment), a somewhat interesting article popped up. Jaden Daly, head writer for the blog A Daly Dose of Hoops, was at Rose Hill Gymnasium on Saturday and had a few comments on the action that struck us as kind of odd. Bear in mind that this is a New York-based blog, so the opinions voiced would likely be from a pro-Fordham perspective. Which is fine – it’s always good to read differing thoughts and gauge how your team is perceived by non-fans.

But take a look at some of what he wrote, and allow us to disagree. From the aptly named “Nuggets of Note” section:

The officiating and physicality was the story of the game first and foremost. There were multiple occasions in which Rhode Island got calls that lesser teams probably would not have received, including a flagrant foul against Fordham’s Bryan Smith on what appeared to be a routine tie-up with Xavier Munford on the baseline early in the second half, not to mention several other debatable foul calls throughout the day.

Yeah, Rhody got calls like UConn or Kansas gets calls. It’s probably why they had twenty fouls whistled against them in the second half. Why, it could have been thirty or forty had they not got all the calls!

Oh also, the flagrant foul. Not sure which game Daly was watching; in the game was saw, Munford went up for a layup and got clobbered from behind by Smith, who was clearly not going for the ball. Even if you disagree with the call, there was nothing close to a tie-up, and “on the baseline” doesn’t even begin to describe what actually happened on the play. It was a body-to-body collision and X hit the deck hard. Here was our tweet at the time:

In hindsight, perhaps we were a little fired up. But we also know a flagrant foul when we see one.

More “Nuggets”!:

Finally, Dan Hurley did not disappoint those who came to see the first-year Rhode Island head coach put on a show in his return to New York after spending the previous two seasons restoring the program at Wagner College in Staten Island. The colorful Hurley can be controversial and sometimes even out of control, and he wore his emotions on his chest as the game went on. On multiple occasions in the second half after media timeouts or blown whistles, Hurley sprinted from his bench toward the Fordham sideline, attempting to provoke Fordham coach Tom Pecora.

Hm. Why would he be upset and charging in the direction of the Fordham sideline during media timeouts? And each time he stopped near the scorers table. Wait, do the refs stand near the scorers table during media timeouts? ….THEY DO?!?! Do you think maybe Hurley was irate at the refs? Maybe concerning 27 fouls whistled against Rhody? Hm. That makes a lot more sense. Although it’s not as fun of a story.

Or maybe he was trying to get more of those great calls that Rhody got.

Last one, this from Twitter, basically insinuating the same thing:

Look, as far as we know, Dan Hurley and Tom Pecora get along just fine. We’ve heard nothing (other than this) to indicate otherwise, and there have never been any reports from reputable news sources of Dan Hurley “going after” another coach, either after this game or any others in his coaching career. So we’re chalking it up to either a misinterpretation of what Daly saw, or a case of sensationalistic journalism. Yes, Dan Hurley is intense. He claps and stomps and screams and never sits down. We love it. How can you not? An intense coach is great to see; half of URI fans probably act the same way when watching the game at home or at the Ryan. It’s awesome. But to insinuate that he tries to provoke… fights? Not his style, and there’s zero credible evidence that says he’s ever done anything close to that. If you don’t like him, that’s fine. But we love him.

So what say you, Rhody Nation? Is Dan Hurley too intense on the sidelines?

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