Does Xavier Munford Have a Chance at Making It To the NBA?

Does Xavier Munford have NBA level talent? Of all the questions that have been going through the heads of Rhody fans this season, it’s not likely that this has been one of them. There are certainly other things to get excited about as the Rams look to the future, plus Munford is only a junior. But during the Butler game on Saturday, a few tweets came through our Twitter timeline that got us to thinking:

Now, before we get all excited and start customizing our NBA jerseys with a #5 and “Munford” on the back, let’s think about this a little. First of all, guys like Will Daniels, Delroy James, and Jimmy Baron were all looked at by NBA scouts from time to time. It doesn’t really mean all that much – scouts look at a lot of different players. Our thinking is that they probably had their eyes more focused on Rotnei Clarke, who could most certainly play at the highest level. But that said, scouts coming to sneak a peek at the Rhody star can’t be a bad thing. X’s numbers speak for themselves: his 17.3 points per game rank him 2nd overall in the A-10 and 75th in the country. He is also 8th in the conference in three-point field goals made. Our thinking is that it really boils down to what Munford can do next year before we start getting all excited.

Until then, feel free to check out his profile on And be certain that there’s a loooooong way to go.

But we can dream, right?

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