Nov 30, 2013; Fairfax, VA, USA; Rhode Island Rams forward Gilvydas Biruta (55) attempts a lay up against the George Mason Patriots at Patriot Center. Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Rhode Island Basketball: The Week in Review

10 points.

The Rams have lost their past three games by a combined total of 10 points. Two at Detroit, one vs Providence and seven at George Mason. All three losses can, in part, be attributed to our abysmal free throw shooting. Yesterday the Rams were 8-19 on the line vs Detroit – if we make even half of the missed shots we win the game. Against Providence Rhody went 6-12 at the line – once again making even three of the missed shots locks up the game. Free throws alone wouldn’t have made up the difference in the George Mason game with Rhody shooting 12-17 (70 percent), however it would have played a large part in a comeback victory.

New Hampshire Wildcats logo

Rhode Island vs. UHN 12/22/13-2:00PM at The Ryan Center

These poor performances at the line are the difference between URI being 6-5 when we could be 8-3… maybe 9-2. Basically, Hurley should make every player spend two hours a day shooting free throws until we play New Hampshire on December 22nd. If he doesn’t I’m going to be more upset than I already am.

Now I’m not trying to channel my inner Dave Portnoy, but I wanna chime in on the late foul in the URI-PC game last Thursday. If you weren’t there (which I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have been), the Rams’ Jarelle Reischel triggered a personal foul with 22 seconds left in the game. This gave Providence two free throws in a tie game.

I don’t care what sport it is or who is playing who. In the situation where that foul was called, two players from each team were going after the ball. When that happens, someone from either team can be called for a foul. YOU DON’T CALL A FOUL! When a referee dictates the play of a game at that juncture when a penalty, foul, red-card… it’s my belief that you “let the boys play”, as my old hockey coach used to say. Now all that being said, the last play Hurley drew up wasn’t exactly the most effective. But in this young bloggers opinion, it was a situation the Rams shouldn’t have been in at all.

Now there is one silver lining to the URI-PC game.

Holy hell was the Ryan Center rocking last Thursday! It was the loudest it has ever been in my three years at this school. There was a perpetual chant from the Rhody Ruckus section, and we had an awesome new pregame intro thanks to the Ryan Center’s new LED lights. The game set the tone for what we need the rest of the season from our students and fans. So I hope that with the extra practice that comes with the finals week break, Hurley and our Rams can get back on the winning track so we as students have the want and desire to make every game that intense.

Finally I want to begin a new weekly blog. Hit me up on Twitter (@bornawinner92), Facebook, in the comments section of any article, or @RhodyRampage. Send in you favorite pictures, videos or embed funny/entertaining tweets and posts regarding anything from a URI sporting event. Provided we gain momentum with this idea, starting every Monday I’ll post them in a weekly review of Rhody fans. Feel free to begin submitting things from past games now, there will be a full article on this new Rhody tradition to come.

Good luck with finals everybody, and GO RAMS!

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