Rhode Island Rams: 2014 Atlantic 10 Winning Percentages. Mandatory Credit: AlienAiden, basketballforum.com

Rhode Island Rams: The State of URI Athletics

That graph kind of says it all, huh? The Rhode Island Rams struggled pretty much across the board in their 2013-14 seasons. It’s not pretty. But is it really cause for doom and gloom?

Some alumni think so. Per GoLocalProv.com, URI alumni are calling for reform in the athletic department. From the article:

A petition being circulated among University of Rhode Island alumni calls for reform to the Athletic Department that it says “continues to fail to perform up to standards of the past.”

“Competitive programs are needed to generate fan interest that has deteriorated over several years, increase university support and nationally promote the University of Rhode Island as a top tier educational institution,” the petition reads.


“None of the sports teams are performing up to their previous standards,” said Richard Sceery, URI class of ’82 and author of the petition. “This isn’t about being derogatory about the program, it’s really more to help the University with helpful criticism and advice.”

The alums suggest the formation of a 6-8 member “URI Athletic Department Alumni Advisory Board” effective September 1 of this year.

But stew on this: Thorr Bjorn came to Kingston to be the AD in 2007. University president David Dooley accepted his position in 2009. In terms of athletics, things weren’t exactly in tip-top shape when these two came on board. And since then? There’s been steady improvement, and things are only getting better. Just check out the football team. Or men’s basketball. Or women’s basketball.

Could an “Alumni Advisory Board” help? Sure, probably. But the “previous standards” referenced in the petition aren’t exactly recent history. And it really seems that the current administration has things on the right track. Have faith, Rhody fans – the results will catch up sooner rather than later.

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