Rhode Island Basketball: The Hassan Martin Dunk in Two GIFs

Rhode Island Rams: Hassan Martin’s dunk was number 8 on ESPN’s Top Plays.

There’s really only one play that has Rhody fans talking over the past few days. So in lieu of a full breakdown (quick summary: The game was AWESOME!), we thought we’d talk about “the play”. In case you missed it, it all went down with 8:37 remaining in the second half on Saturday. Gilvydas Biruta blocked a shot, E.C. Matthews snagged the rebound and started the break. Here’s what happened next.

Oh man. The behind the back followed by the no-look pass to Hassan Martin for the FLUSH. This is the future of URI baseball. Check it out again from the under-the-basket camera.

The play checked in at number eight on ESPN SportsCenter’s Top Plays from Saturday, URI’s first such appearance this season. It’s also spawned the hash-tag #ECtoHass – why do we get the feeling this won’t be the first time we see something with that tag?

It all culminated with Martin being named the A-10 Rookie of the Week today. The honor now means that the past five ROtW awards have come through Kingston, with Matthews winning the last four. There’s no doubt about it – the future of Rhode Island basketball is now.